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Slow Beauty Spa



(सुन्दर) Sanskrit term meaning "beautiful, lovely" 

Slow Beauty: 
“Slow beauty is a movement and a philosophy to help people develop a sustainable self-care practice grounded in nature, health and wellness which includes the use of multi-sensory products, tools and resources to support a joyful way of feeling and being in the world.” Shel Pink


Hello! We're so happy you've stopped by to check out our website.
Please feel free to take a look around and discover all the wonderful things Sundara has to offer.

Established in 2012 and located in Midland's vibrant downtown core, on the shores of beautiful Georgian Bay, 
Sundara Spa proudly offers slow beauty conscious services such as traditional (natural nail) hand and foot therapies, waxing/body hair removal, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyelash lifts, as well as holistic facials/skincare using our plant active skincare line Green Envee.

All services offered at Sundara are carried out using organic, gluten free and/or vegan products with high performance standards and the ability to preserve the world we live in.
Paired with quality, care and professionalism you can be assured that all of your beauty and wellness needs will be met.

Open Tuesday-Friday (by appointment only) we would love to treat you to the relaxation and revitalization you deserve, and to enjoy good conversation over a cup of tea.


Image by Ivy Aralia Nizar

Being able to providing a safe & sacred space for guests, to focus on self care, wellness, and to forget the stresses of their day is something that I take great pride in. 

Knowing that I can help in making someone feel relaxed and whole again is a true gift that I am grateful for everyday. 

Vanessa Puddicombe
Proprietor/Aesthetician/CMP/Nail Technician/Educator

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